Membership to the Law Review

Members of the New England Law Review are selected based on a combination of their grade point average and participation in a writing competition. The writing competition consists of two components: a closed memorandum based on a fact pattern and research materials supplied in the competition package and a technical component that addresses citation accuracy and skills.

To be eligible to participate in the writing competition, generally a student must have completed at least 31 academic credits and have at least one full year of study remaining prior to graduation. Most students who participate have just completed their first year in the day division or second year in the evening division. Students must also be in the top 50 percent of their division in order to be eligible to participate. Students transferring to New England Law | Boston who have completed their first year and were ranked as one of the top three students are encouraged to participate as well.

After completing the writing competition, members are selected based on a raw score calculated by the student’s grade point average and competition score. Grade point average accounts for 65 percent of the candidate’s raw score. The writing competition accounts for the remaining 35 percent.

Membership Responsibilities

First-year associates play a crucial role in the Law Review’s publication process. Throughout the year, associates are active in the editing and proofreading of articles that will be published in the Journal . They also check the citations of articles to ensure the essay’s accuracy. Each first-year associate must also satisfy a writing requirement during his or her associate year. Associates must write two short articles addressing a narrow topic of particular prevalence in the legal community. Those who complete the writing and editing requirements and receive a mark of publishable quality on their article(s) are invited to be editors during their final year of law school.

Any questions about the competition or Journal membership should be directed to