In Our Name: A Play of the Torture Years

Spring 2013 Symposium

The New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement presented a play and panel discussion, In Our Name: A Play of the Torture Years, on September 21, 2012. The play was written by Michael Meltsner, one of the nation’s leading authorities on capital punishment, and directed by Victoria Marsh, Company One Boston.

In Our Name offered a searing depiction of how and why the United States government found itself brutally treating the men it detained —some with good reason, some with stunning caprice—after 9/11. The play confronted the government rationalizations, the bizarre military hearings, and the willful blindness of the public to what was happening behind barbed wire.

“Americans have not fully confronted that what we did at Guantanamo and elsewhere,” said Meltsner. “It tainted our reputation, and continues to question our commitment to justice and the rule of law.”

A distinguished panel moderated by Boston College Law School Professor Mark Brodin discussed the play at its conclusion. Panelists included Mark C. Fleming, partner, Wilmer Hale, who served as co-lead counsel in Boumediene v. Bush; Michael Mone Jr., Esdaile, Barrett, Jacobs & Mone; Matthew Segal, legal director, American Civil Liberties Foundation of Massachusetts; and Dr. Elizabeth Wilson, professor of law, Seton Hall University Law School.